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Meet Nicholas

Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio within a huge Italian family, and since 2012 I have acted as the personal “Sherpa” to my wife Marjorie in each and every thing she needs.  From hauling gear, photographing the Groom, folding pocket squares, arranging a bouquet,  find hidden sightlines within the Ceremony, making kids laugh, and a myriad of other duties…… I am there in full support mode for her and for the families we serve with honor.

  • Star Wars Rules
  • Go Browns
  • Prepared For Life
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan, Black Crowes, and 
  • Family

Meet Marjorie

Each wedding has its own characteristics and I enjoyed learning about the details that are important for the brides and grooms and their vision of their big day. All the details I learn about them and their families during our meetings allow me to be ready to witness and photograph the moments I know they will treasure forever. Seeing their happy faces when they go through the pages of their Italian Wedding Album and relive all the emotions of the day is on the ‘Top 3’ of my favorites things to do for our clients!

  • Family
  • Coffee! 
  • Reading everything I can
  • Beach days
  • My Day Planner to stay organized

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What we are all about:
Family is everything to us, and capturing the moments in between the moments is what we strive to accomplish. Day in and day out, we seek to advance our craft , refine our shooting style, and add technology and techniques which will allow us to exceed the expectations of our clients. Capturing True Love In Motion is our mission, and allowing you to tell your friends and family that you have “a photographer in the family” is our goal!

Marjorie and Nicholas Durante

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