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Wedding Packages Our Pricing are an important part of choosing a Photographer. We get that. We want to be transparent and easy to understand. 

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Wedding Packages Our Pricing
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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Packages Our Pricing

Absolutely we show these Wedding Packages Our Pricing!

The reason is … in a word – transparency. We have nothing to hide. Likewise either from you or from other photographers. That is to say, your search should be efficient and effective.

In addition, your search should start this way. Firstly, it should start only with photographers who’s offerings align with your own vision. As well as your production budget. Certainly, we are not looking to help you fall in love with something you cannot afford. Conversely forcing you to cut back in other areas. As a result, we are here to work with clients. Especially those who match up well with what we do best. That is to say, they have photography as their highest priority from the beginning.

Yes. After all, we travel together as a Wife and Husband team.

Marjorie is an internationally recognized Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer. For this purpose, always and forever. Correspondingly, a large part of why our clients choose us is because of that. That is to say, the unique dynamic between two equally qualified lead photographers. Who also happen to be madly in love with each other. Certainly, the Wedding Packages Our Pricing reflect this.

Of course, we have no associates. Additionally, we have no interns. Nor a “team” of “photographers”. Therefore, when you commission Sophia’s Art Photo, you get the owner and her husband. In fact 100% of the images shown on our website are captured by us. All things considered, be very careful. Especially when you ask who specifically will be the photographer at your event. Likewise during your process of interviewing service providers. Of course, if you need a Wedding Planner, we can give you our recommendations. Additionally, we can tell you where out top choices for outdoor ceremonies would be. For that reason we can also give you our reasons for wanting to do an Engagement Session with you .

All in all, we are firm believers that at some point, you are going to share these images.

Of course, when you do it will be with a relative or loved one. Seeing that Wedding Packages Our Pricing aligns with this principal.

Above all, they may prefer to sit on a couch and thumb through an album. Rather than look at an Ipad. Nonetheless, call us sentimental that way. That being said, we could deliver digital-only collections. Also we could not have to devote any of your commission to having albums and prints made. Besides that, we could just stick that money in our pockets. Also, bypass all the extra work. Although this may be true, that’s not what we are about. Basically, physical prints and albums will outlive us all. As a result, we want your future generations to enjoy these images just as much as you will.

All in all, traditionally photographic coverage is based on continuous hours.

Basically we will talk about this when we sit with you for your consultation. Then, we will ask you about when your ceremony starts. Finally, we will help you determine when your reception coverage should.

Of course, knowing the number of bridesmaids helps. For example, it will indicate how much getting ready time you will need. In the long run, you should have a really good idea of your Wedding Day Timeline. undoubtedly this will help you see which collection is best for you.

Of course, being prepared for equipment malfunctions is part of being a professional.

Certainly we are no exception. As a result, at any moment we travel with the entirety of our gear inventory.

That is to say, this includes four Camera Bodies, seven different lenses, six lighting sources, and six light stands. Also about 50 batteries to power everything. Furthermore, we even bring wagons to stay as mobile as we are capable. Needless to say, we are as prepared as humanly possible. Especially for whatever mother nature ( or tipsy uncle frank the Star Wars Geek) can throw at us. 

Above all, we cover the annual costs of storing your images securely online.

Concurrently, there are currently over 160,000 images in our online archives. Seeing that not a single clients gallery has ever been delete, you can believe us when we tell you working for you is a labor of love. Even if you are viewing them on a mobile device.

As can be seen, we are not a photo factory. As a result, there is no desire to pump out 100 weddings a year for us. For instance, it would break our hearts to give up a single precious captured moment. Consider these points as you decide on a photographer. Sophias Art cares alot about your images. That being said – you should create 3 or 4 backup sets and have them safe with loved ones. 🙂 Especially if your photos were take at places like Disney Boardwalk or Leu Gardens

This is the single most complex question we receive.

I wish it wasn’t so dry of a topic. Here we go: We are the author of the images. Unless we sell that ownership outright, we shall remain the owners of the images we create. You, as the clients, receive personal non-commercial printing rights to all of your images. Your Interviews with Photographers should include this question.

Printing for your family room wall? Perfect. Wedding Packages Our Pricing reflects this. Printing to give prints to your friends and relatives? Or course – No Problem! Certainly, using your image for a romance novel cover? You would need a different use authorization, which can be purchased separately. Short of selling your own likeness for some commercial purpose, you should be fine. Of course posting your images on Social Media or the internet in general is perfectly fine. That being said, SO LONG AS you give proper credit to the actual author of the images. All in all, we hope that helps. Of course, if you have more questions you can always ask. 🙂

Second most asked question when it comes to what you receive.

The most direct answer is no – technically. The image files which come out of the camera are entirely unedited. They lack white balancing and color correction. In short, they are not ready to be viewed by neither the clients nor the public.

Two examples for illustration: When you read a fashion magazine, the magazine you bought contains only the final, fully edited, approved images. None of the discarded unedited images are included. You’ve bought the final product. The magazine costs $5-$10. The production cost of the actual photoshoot which generated that final image runs in the thousands of dollars. The cost of the magazine only includes the finished product.

Another example – When you enjoy a fantastic romantic dinner out, what is brought to your table is described in the menu. None of the discarded ingredients are included. Not the pans, the spatulas, nor the recipe. You are paying for the experience and the wonderful meal. By that same token, The images you will receive are the very best, most professionally edited and prepared final images we can deliver. Never anything less. 

We are very proud of our 100% show-up record.

As well as our 100% delivery record over seven years. As Photographers, we have never cancelled on a client and never been late to a wedding. We have never failed to show up. Even for far locations such as Lake Mary Event Center. Even dealing with the traffic of Downtown Orlando does not slow us down. Especially if we are shooting at Iconic Lake Eola.  Or even Ceviche Tappas Orlando with their limited access. 

It would really break our hearts to do that. Wedding Packages Our Pricing works for everyone. To date we do not have a single client waiting for images beyond the expected production time frames. Choosing a family owned business means there is a family’s reputation behind that brand.

As you read our reviews, you will find that our clients choose us based on a high level of trust. That being said, all of our clients have the ability to defer up to 30% of their balance until AFTER the wedding. We are that confident in our ability to perform, and we are that confident that you will pay what is due. In over 60 straight weddings we have not had a single missed payment or lingering balance due. Not. One. It really is the biggest compliment and endorsement our clients can give us. They trust us to deliver. They are honorable enough to pay for that faith in us.

The Wedding Packages Our Pricing includes our exclusive FlexPlan Program is epic.

This where you pay just $300 to reserve your wedding date, pay 7 payments before the wedding, and defer 3 full payments until after your wedding! We acknowledge that there is more work to be done after your big day, which is why we agree that deferring 30% of your balance is entirely reasonable and appropriate. Inquire now!

Our Complete Wedding Package Prices in Orlando

Milan Intimate Collection Destination or Elopements

(Perfect for Small Intimate Weddings)
2997 (1/4 day rate)
  • Up to 4 Hours
  • Dual Photographers
  • 20p Luxury Italian Wedding Album
  • Digital Archive Files
  • Online Gallery for Viewing and Ordering

Venetian Wedding Collection Package includes What is Important to you

( Ceremony, Formals and Couples Spotlight, plus your choice of either Getting Ready or Reception )
3297 (1/2 day rate)
  • Up to 6 Hours
  • Dual Photographers
  • 40p Luxury Italian Wedding Album
  • Digital Archive Files
  • Online Gallery for Viewing and Ordering
  • ADD Engagement Experience with Digital Images

Tuscany Wedding Collection Package Includes Full Day

( Getting Ready, Ceremony, and Reception thru Cutting of Cake )
3497 (Full Day Rate)
  • Up to 8 Hours
  • Dual Photographers
  • 60p Luxury Italian Wedding Album
  • Digital Archive Files
  • Online Gallery for Viewing and Ordering
  • ADD Your Choice of Parent Books, Wall Art, or Fine Art Prints
  • ADD Luxury Engagement Experience with Guestbook
CHosen Most

Amalfi Limited Reserve Collection Extended Day Wedding Coverage

( Getting Ready, Ceremony, and Reception thru Grand Exit)
4597 (Extended Full Day Rate)
  • Up to 10 Hours
  • Dual Photographers
  • 80p Double Volume Luxury Italian Wedding Album
  • Digital Archive Files
  • Online Gallery for Viewing and Ordering
  • Your Choice of Parent Books, Wall Art, or Fine Art Prints
  • ADD Luxury Engagement Experience with Hair/Makeup Trial and Guestbook

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read our Wedding Wire Reviews as you learn about The Wedding Packages Our Pricing. Whether you are having your wedding at a Rustic outdoor Garden or in Downtown Disney Boardwalk Resort, remember this. Plan your wedding well. Be smart. Use local experts. Find experienced photo pros. Review their Instagram Feed. Know what professional gear they use. Ask how they deal with inclement weather such as Hurricanes

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