Dr Phillips House The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne | Wedding in the path of Hurricane Nicole [Dr. Phillips House]

Nicholas Durante

Nicholas Durante

Dr Phillips House The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne | Wedding in the path of Hurricane Nicole [Dr. Phillips House]

Hurricane Matthew threatens to ruin this Wedding at Dr. Phillips House The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne.

The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne is now the Dr Phillips House. What do you do when asked to photograph a Dr. Phillips House The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Wedding? You accept, of course. Certainly we were honored by the opportunity. But to capture the wedding of Bree and Brandon, we had a risk. In effect, this wedding was just one day after the onset of Hurricane Matthew. Obviously, this created stress. Basically, a curfew in Orlando the night before a wedding. But blue skies were the order of the day for this amazing couple. Owing to the fact that the chose the epic Dr. Phillips House Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Wedding. Especially being located in downtown Orlando Florida. More to come…


What is Downtown Orlando like the day after a hurricane?

Truly the right question. We wonder often about that. How can you plan a wedding around a Hurricane? Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Weddings are awesome. What do you do when the city is under a curfew? How can you decorate your venue? Since you cannot go to the venue, you wait. In light of the Hurricane off the Florida east coast, we all wait. Sooner or Later it may pass. We prepare our gear. We pray for the best outcome. Before leaving we check the weather. Chiefly, the amount of rain is concerning. As long as it holds off, we should be fine. We depart for the venue. There is little traffic. Despite the previous evenings storm, all seems well. This Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Wedding is going to happen. 

The day after a storm is a perfect day for a Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Wedding,.

The sky was extremely clear. There was not a cloud in that blue sky. The venue was perfect. There was no damage. Seeing that, we all got ready. There was a mad scramble to decorate. All hands on deck. The entire family pitched in. This time, the storm would not ruin a wedding after a Hurricane. Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Weddings never distract. 

Details about Hurricane Matthew before this Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Wedding.

A tropical wave developed into Tropical Storm Matthew near Barbados on September 28. Continuing westward under the influence of a mid-level ridge, the storm steadily intensified to attain hurricane intensity by 18:00 UTC on September 29. The effects of southwesterly wind shear unexpectedly abated late that day, and Matthew began a period of rapid intensification; during a 24-hour period beginning at 00:00 UTC on September 30, the cyclone’s maximum winds more than doubled, from 80 mph (130 km/h) to 165 mph (270 km/h), making Matthew a Category 5 hurricane,[28] the first since Hurricane Felix in 2007.

[97] Due to upwelling of cooler waters, Matthew weakened to a Category 4 hurricane later on October 1. Matthew remained a powerful Category 4 hurricane for several days, making landfall near Les AnglaisHaiti, around 11:00 UTC on October 4 with winds of 150 mph (240 km/h). Continuing northward, the cyclone struck Maisí in Cuba early on October 5. Cuba’s and Haiti’s mountainous terrain weakened Matthew to Category 3 status, as it began to accelerate northwestwards through the Bahamas.[28]

Restrengthening occurred as Matthew’s circulation became better organized.

Restrengthening occurred as Matthew’s circulation became better organized, with the storm becoming a Category 4 hurricane again while passing Freeport. However, Matthew began to weaken again as an eyewall replacement cycle took place. The storm significantly weakened while closely paralleling the coasts of Florida and Georgia, with the northwestern portion of the outer eyewall coming ashore in Florida while the system was a Category 3 hurricane.

Matthew weakened to a Category 2 hurricane late on October 7 and then to a Category 1 hurricane by 12:00 UTC on October 8. About three hours later, the hurricane made landfall at Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, near McClellanville, South Carolina, with winds of 85 mph (140 km/h).[28] Convection became displaced as Matthew pulled away from land,[98]with Matthew becoming extratropical about 200 mi (320 km) east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, on October 9.[28]

Heavy rains and strong winds buffeted the Lesser Antilles.

Heavy rains and strong winds buffeted the Lesser Antilles. The winds caused widespread power outages and damaged crops, particularly in St. Lucia, while flooding and landslides caused by the rainfall damaged many homes and roads. One person died in St. Vincent when he was crushed by a boulder.[99] The storm brought precipitation to Colombia‘s Guajira Peninsula, which saw its first heavy rain event in three years. One person drowned in a river in Uribia.[100] In Haiti, flooding and high winds disrupted telecommunications and destroyed extensive swaths of land; around 80% of Jérémie sustained significant damage.[101] Matthew left about $1.9 billion in damage and at least 546 deaths.[28]

[102] Heavy rainfall spread eastward across the Dominican Republic, where four were killed.[103] Effects in Cuba were most severe along the coast, where storm surge caused extensive damage.[104] Four people were killed due to a bridge collapse,[105] and total losses in the country amounted to $2.58 billion, most of which occurred in the Guantánamo Province.[106] Passing through the Bahamas as a major hurricane, Matthew inflicted severe impacts across several islands, particularly Grand Bahama, where an estimated 95% of homes sustained damage in the townships of Eight Mile Rock and Holmes Rock. even if you are having a Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Wedding.

In Florida, much of the damage occurred was caused by strong winds before this Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Wedding.

In Florida, much of the damage occurred was caused by strong winds and storm surge in the east-central and northeastern portions of the state. About 1.2 million people lost power.[28] Damage in Florida reached over $2.75 billion and there were 12 deaths.[107] An additional 1.3 million people lost electricity in Georgia and South Carolina combined. Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Weddings cannot be stopped. Torrential rain caused severe flooding, especially in North Carolina and South Carolina,[28] where some rivers exceed record heights set by Hurricane Floyd and the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane.[28][108] In North Carolina, 100,000 structures were flooded and damage reached $1.5 billion.[28] Overall, Matthew caused at least 603 deaths and about $15.1 billion in damage.[28][105][109][110]

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