Engagement Session at Disney Boardwalk | Geovanna and Gabriel

ORLANDO | This Engagement Session at Disney Boardwalk Our Experience with Gabriel and Geovanna was filled with diverse Florida light. We will arrived at the Boardwalk while the sun is still up and strong. The gorgeous afternoon light is perfect for creating very contrasted photographs of the fun couple. I am looking for bright skies, silhouettes and walking shots. Then I seek to capture romantic moments captured by the beach area during a stormy and beautiful sunset. Our team has found that Disney Boardwalk provides a diverse area for the couples that want to enjoy difference scenarios and backgrounds for their photos. Our couples seek out the festive, oceanside feel in the entire area. The interaction of colors and textures on the exterior of the buildings is perfect for that unique beachside atmosphere.

We discovered that The wedding pavilion at Disney Boardwalk is called Sea Breeze Point and has the most interesting lines. We seek to create dramatic frames around our couples, complimenting the bright colors of the surrounding architecture. The entire canvas is infused with fun and energy. This vantage point also takes advantage of the amazing sunsets as the late afternoon sun drops to the waters edge. We see it providing a burst of oranges, reds, and purples not to be believed unless you have seen it first hand. We truly enjoy this spot as the “magic hour” happens, which is typically between 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after sunset. Florida is well known for it’s amazing winter season magic hour light.

The beach area is witness of the most stunning sunsets, either with complete clear skies or with stormy Florida sunsets, both look impressive. I loved framing Geovanna and Gabriel with the buildings in the background while they talked and enjoyed each other during their Engagement Session at Disney Boardwalk.

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