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Orlando Wedding Photographers Marjorie and Nicholas Durante are here to serve you. Since 2012, Marjorie and Nicholas have been serving Central Florida Families as Orlando photographer wedding.. They have been providing Wedding and Engagement Photography in Orlando since 2014.

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Sophia’s Art Photography strives to be one of the Best Orlando Wedding Photographers in Central Florida, and are l located in Ocoee Florida. We provide beautiful candid wedding photography. Our images are from The Citrus Club Orlando, all of Central Florida, and beaches everywhere! Search for “orlando photographer wedding” and we will be right there! Design Center Visits by appointment only. We always strive to reply to inquiries the same day we receive them. Congratulations and let’s get started!

Orlando Wedding Photography

Welcome Home...

As Top Orlando Wedding Photographers, we have seen it all. We see first hand how challenging planning your own wedding can be. In other words – we have been exactly where you are. In 2013 we were also planning our wedding. Wedding  Packages in Orlando were confusing. One of the things we wanted to know was if there would be charged overtime or not. We wondered how long it takes to get wedding photos. Suffice to say, we totally get it. 

Truly we have been there. I was overwhelmed by all the choices for venues. There are a dizzying array of choices. It is challenging, balanced against trying to stay on budget. Just search for “Orlando photographer wedding”. We really wanted our own vision for our big day. As much as we wanted our biggest day to be special, we knew we had to stay on track. We needed a wedding day timeline. We had to develop our own list of wedding day photos. Ultimately, we searched for wedding photographers near us in Orlando. Our Reception was held at 310 Lakeside.

Candid Orlando Wedding Photography

it is our hope that we can genuinely be of help to you. We offer you this web guide to wedding photography. Whether your Wedding is a DIY Rustic Affair, or anywhere else. Maybe you are considering a wedding at one of the many awesome places at Downtown High Rise Chic Celebration, We can help! As well as seeing how some of our favorite wedding venues would look on your biggest day. We work together with all wedding themes. We can help with first look photos. Also we can help with your entire wedding weekend itinerary. Our photography packages will make sense to you. 

By the time you select a top Orlando Wedding Photographer in these Budget wedding Zipcodes, you’ll be an expert! You may even find a great spot for engagement photos within our portfolio. To that end, we look forward to answering any questions you may have. We love candid wedding photography. Additionally,  posed formal group shots of your family are great. Even if you need a small wedding photography package, we have you covered. As we wrapped up the Spring Wedding Season, we look forward to meeting you!

Wedding Photography in Orlando

We are professional wedding photographers who also have recently been married. We want to help you. Our company has been providing candid Orlando Wedding Photography since 2014. We understand how important smart planning is. Perhaps you may choose a simple venue or someplace chic like Citrus Club Orlando. Let’s get started! A great place to start is here: Top Engagement Spots in Orlando. And if you have concerns about looking natural in your engagement photos, we can help with that too!  Here is a gallery from one of our Downtown Celebration Engagement Spots. You could also select iconic Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando. Maybe you are planning an Unplugged Wedding and you’re worried your family won’t unplug? We have you covered. Read this article to get some great tips on How to Interview a photographer. We have many tips and tricks. You will learn the important things about interviewing photographers.

What it's like to be an Orlando Wedding Photographer

Once in a while the chances we have as wedding photographers in Orlando, Fl present many challenges. Overall we find that shooting in some of our favorite locations can be very exciting. We shoot in Locations such as the Citrus Club Orlando, as well as 310 Lakeside in Downtown Orlando. The Disney Boardwalk Resort is a lot of fun. In short, they always give us changes to show our skills as wedding photographers in Orlando, Fl.

In particular would be the combination of strong harsh light and the shadows. These can be found in outdoors settings in Downtown Orlando. As a Orlando Photographer Wedding, we also love Winter Park as well. By the same token, being able to shoot Engagement Experiences are cool. Even at sunset at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort we see amazing backgrounds of golden skies. As can be seen in some of our Engagement Experience image galleries, the results rock. Being selected by couples as their Wedding Photographers in Orlando, Fl is an amazing honor for us.

What you should expect from Candid Wedding Photographers in Orlando.

We emphatically believe in the connection between you and your Orlando wedding photographer. Firstly, it translates your very real love for each other to your wedding photos. Although this may be true in many cases, sometimes it is not. We hope we never have a situation where we are a mismatch for the personalities of our clients. That is to say, we want the deepest connection possible. Even if it means taking fewer clients each year. To this end we invite you to explore the possibilities with us. Finding an Orlando Wedding Photographer can be easy.. As a 

Limiting our Workload as Wedding Photographers in Orlando, Fl

In the long run, it is far healthier for us to work more deeply with fewer clients. To say nothing of the personal rewards of being chosen to be present at the very beginning of a new family. Eventually, the excitement of being Orlando Wedding Photographers MIGHT wear off, but to be honest we really hope that not to be the case. As soon as this stops becoming emotionally moving for us, we should not continue doing it. In the same way as most artists pace themselves creatively, we try hard to do the same thing.

By and large, we love weddings. Desiring to have the reputation as one of the best Orlando photographer wedding is our goal. Through our interaction with people, we grow as artists. At the same time, witnessing a wedding strengthens our own relationship. Especially when seeing a first kiss, a first dance, and the families involved. To be sure, we still cry at weddings. Regardless of the type of event, we can help. Perhaps you are planning a simple family affair at the Capen House.  We are totally there. Without a doubt we are. You can count on us. Conversely, maybe you are planning a full production at the Disney Dolphin Hotel.  Well, then we say that we love it all. As I have said, weddings are our jam. So very Much.

Giving it everything we have.

Consequently, we have had to keep our client list very small. In fact, we have cut our accepted bookings per year by 50%. As much as we love shooting at Paradise Cove, Rosen Shingle Creek, and The Mayor Tree, it is even more important to serve our clients. Since 2012, we have always placed family first. Before we made this decision, our workload crushed us. Certainly it is a profitable way to operate. Instead we chose to focus on the connection. Only through focused creativity can we become one of the best wedding photographers in Orlando.

We Focus on the Connection

To rephrase it, family comes first even in business. In the first place, this is your day, not ours. There are no do-overs. Also, there are no opportunities to start over. Unlike a portrait session, you cannot go back down the aisle a second time. Furthermore, it wouldn’t work even if you could. At this point, the raw moment is gone. Forever. In the event that a moment is not captured, it is gone forever. Forever. In effect that moment is lost for all time. Lost for all generations.

In contrast, moments captured by us as your Orlando Wedding Photographers such as ourselves will last forever. Photos outlive us all. Choosing you Venue is key. For example, we chose 310 Lakeside in Downtown Orlando. Wedding pictures are passed down from generation to generation. In essence, they are a time capsule. So long as you cherish them, they will endure. Certainly you want them worthy of the efforts to preserve them.

What being an Orlando Wedding Photographer is really all about

Why cherish bad photos? In a word – you would not. Which is why it is so important to select the right Wedding Photographer. Maybe even select Two of Them. Comparatively, striving to be the best wedding photographers in Downtown Orlando means aspiring to a very high level. Wedding Photographers in Orlando Fl are by and large very talented. Many are truly professional. Most are friendly and positive. Some are exceptional. A few are Epic. Choose wisely.

Even if you choose a fun theme like a Star Wars themed wedding, you can really count on us to step up to the moment! Star Wars always makes for a fun wedding theme. Finding a great wedding planner is super important. Fortunately, some of the best wedding planners in Orlando are easy to contact. Want to include your Dog? Find Dog friendly photo spots in Orlando.

Why we decided to become Wedding photographers in Orlando, Fl

When we were planning our own wedding in 2013, we were overwhelmed. As a matter of fact, we were amazed at how much things cost. Should we choose an Outdoor Wedding Location? How is this possible? How can this be? Why so much? We soon realized that many of our first choices were out of our budget. Obviously we still got married. Afterwards we really thought about the experience as clients. As a result, the idea of becoming best wedding photographers in Orlando was born.
We weren’t sure where to start. 

We really weren’t all that organized. In the beginning it was a wing and a prayer. Something had to push us. Particularly with our inexperience. In spite of this apprehension, we pressed on. Interviewing an Orlando Wedding Photographer must be tough. Quite few late nights of pre-planning and review took place. It was very difficult. information was fragmented and inconsistent.

Our inner why

As a result, launching would have to happen without 100% preparation. We had been approached by several families early on. They really wanted us to photograph their weddings. Consequently, we resisted the urge to shoot without experience. On the whole, we probably would have done well. We just didn’t want to ruin such a singular event as a wedding. The fear was very real. In light of that, we decided to agree to our first commission. You cannot aspire to become the best photographers in Orlando unless you take chances.

Our own wedding reception was held at 310 Lakeside. That first wedding was terrifying for us. Certainly nothing more could go sideways than what actually did. Specifically, we encountered just about every technical issue ever devised. Basically, we were fighting with our gear. The whole time. Surely it should not be this hard, right? Sooner or later, something has to work correctly, we hoped. 

Love is all around Us.

Love unifies the world. It provides hope in the darkness. Search for Orlando photographer wedding on Google. Love gives us the drive to continue. It can carry us through the tough times. Through the ages, we turn to love for guidance. You should follow your heart. We all should follow our hearts. Opening your eyes to the world brings new understanding. You can see things you didn’t realize were there. Go places. Find new undiscovered parts of the world. Seek out relationships which inspire you.

The world has many things to find. There are so many places to discover. Enlightenment comes from discovery. Exploration spurs new thought. Push yourself in life. Nothing is more important. Seek out the best Orlando Wedding Photographer.

Locations we love as Wedding photographers in Orlando, Fl

What can we say – Orlando is a great town for Wedding Photography and Venues. Even when it rains, it’s amazing. The diverse weather and tropical foliage challenges us all the time. Some of the best Wedding Venues are located in Orlando.

A few of our favorite shooting locations for Top Engagement Photos in Downtown Orlando:

Just some of our favorite locations to take candid photos of engaged couples south of Orlando:
Here are a few of our favorite locations to capture engaged couples in Winter Park and Maitland:

Of course, some of our favorite downtown Orlando Wedding Venues:

Finally, some of our favorite Wedding Venues for candid wedding photography North of Orlando:

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